DIS was heavily involved in the development of the TDX.


DIS was involved in a number of aspects during the development of the TDX, including mechanical design, SW application development, HW development and even the internal SW day-to-day building process.


For the development of a product of this complexity, the integration process between HW & SW needed to be vital. Along with board bring up, DIS provided a set of valuable tools which made it easy for the SW team not only to integrate their SW on a new and not yet debugged HW platform, but also to integrate the low-level software on the board, thus making it easy for the HW team to test and verify the HW platform.


The architecture of the TDX is a highly distributed system with a number of nodes. This is the background for the rich feature set it provides to its users and also increases the complexity of the application. DIS has been part of the team developing the software using tools like C++ and Eclipse.


Triax A/S is among the world’s leading manufacturers of equipment for shared antennae units. The company has launched a digital head end that makes it easier for anyone who works with the professional installation and operation of smaller units.


The head end has been named ‘Triax TDX’. It is based on technology dubbed ’TDX-Pool’, which ensures an unprecedented degree of flexibility in putting together and combining programme packages.