What started as a concept study, led to a major design and production project of a 200 ft. radio tower for a private radio enthusiast in the United States.


Wind industry specialists recommended Major Projects LLC to get in touch with DIS, when they had a special assignment on the design of a radio tower. The requirement was to build a tower as a self-sustaining monopole with the ability to rotate in order for the tower’s antennas to pick up signals from the strongest angles.


DIS designed a 200 ft. tower standing on a base unit while mounted at the bottom and molded into an in-ground foundation. A number of other designs were presented and the customer ended up selecting the most appropriate, which DIS subsequently verified with FEA and analytical calculations according to ASTM TIA 222G. Following, DIS defined the production requirements for the base unit and sourced potential suppliers in the US and Denmark, who could handle the 5-ton base unit and finish it after the welding stage.


The base unit was produced in Denmark, where DIS ensured the quality of all parts and undertook extensive tests using a test rig. It was important to ensure that all parts would fit both before and after the surface treatment was done. The unit was subsequently shipped to the US, where DIS was in charge of the full installation on-site in Ohio. The tower is now fully functional and stands among other radio towers at the property of Major Projects LLC. Professional project management at DIS secured an effective cooperation across the Atlantic as well as a unique solution in an innovative design, tailored to the high demands and standards for delivery and installation.


Project Manager for Major Projects LLC, Jeff Cumberlidge says about the cooperation with DIS:


Our Viking Project was a fully custom engineered project that required a great deal of thoughtful understanding of a very unique application of the skills and knowledge possessed by the DIS team. From the word GO, DIS has taken a professional, engaged, thorough approach to the project. The attention to detail and outstanding follow-through exhibited by DIS helped to manage the anxiety you would expect when your engineer has a six-hour time difference and is 4,000 miles away. Overall, I am very pleased and I look forward to working together on another project in the future. My best “suggestion for improvements” would be to open an office in the US.