Faster, cheaper and easier security checks at airports with new technology.


New x-ray technology in a unique scanner and custom designed intelligent plastic trolleys will help airline passengers through security checks faster by scanning the carry-on hand luggage at once. DIS helps the company Exruptive with the product development.


Together with the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) the company Exruptive has developed the system and the technology that will make security checks faster, less stressful and a lot easier. The system and the technology will be able to handle up to 600 passengers per hour at a line of security, where an average of 150 passengers per hour pass through today.


- Another significant factor is that annually approx. 3.5 billion airline passengers travel worldwide, and when the passengers reach the security check of the carry-on hand luggage the cost per airline passenger is approx. 45 DKK. The new system will reduce this cost to approx. 20 DKK per person so there is a great commercial potential here, explains Jakob Schmidt, CEO at Exruptive.


Exruptive has brought DIS into the project for the development of the conveyor belt and inlets for the scanners that will guide the custom designed trolleys through so that the entire hand luggage of the passenger can be x-rayed, thereby replacing the classic trays at the security check.


- DIS was chosen as our parent company previously has worked with DIS on other projects, and we also received recommendations on DIS from one of our other collaborators on the project. It was therefore an easy choice to involve DIS in this project, says Jakob Schmidt.


DIS has contributed with mechanical competences from the development of the conveyor belt to the SolidWorks drawings of the final constructions. Furthermore, several animations were created to simulate the scanner’s functions in how it manages the trolleys, lifts, rotates and pushes them in relation to the x-rays, and how it manages a specified number of trolleys within a certain time frame.


- We have had two DIS consultants working at our company and they were part of our team on a daily basis. It has worked out perfectly, especially because it has been a very complex project, and it just makes it easier to have the DIS consultants’ knowledge and advice close by and available. It has been crucial to us that this set-up was an option, concludes Jakob Schmidt.


The system and the scanner are currently being tested by test persons at a test center, located at Vojens Airport. Exruptive expects that the technology and the system will receive international security approval in 2017 and be on the market shortly after.