DIS has contributed to the development of a new version of the CMS Dental LED light with precision engineering and industrial design.


The lamp is a compact, two version, highly effective hand-held LED lamp, which is used by dentists for oral cavity infections, for disinfection of, for example, root canals and for UV curing of plastics. DIS has contributed to a new industrial design and was the driving force for the mechanical design of the lamp.



High temperatures, thermal conduction, industrial design, light guides, user interface and charging contacts are a few of the elements which had to be taken into consideration. A mixture of production technologies was used, including injection-moulded plastic and die-casting in aluminum. Due to high hygiene requirements, part of the equipment is made as single-use items. These items are produced in high volume mass production.



CMS Dental develops and supplies specialised equipment for dentists worldwide. The Danish company consists of doctors, engineers and dental hygienists, who jointly develop, test and launch custom-designed products for the dental industry.