DIS optimizes mechanical parts and materials for pioneering laser device.


Advalight started 10 years ago as a research project at DTU focusing on laser sources. It has since evolved into a company that develops and manufactures medical laser devices with yellow (589nm) and infrared (1319nm) laser light. The devices are used for treating skin diseases and skin disorders such as chronic redness, spider veins, scars, moles, and acne. The yellow laser light is better at penetrating the skin and thus treat the above mentioned symptoms as compared to other lasers with good absorption in the blood. It is well-known to use yellow laser light for skin treatments, but Advalight differs from other manufacturers as their device is built on solids (crystals) instead of on gas or a coloring. It makes Advalight’s laser more stable and ensures a more effective treatment of patients. The use of solids also means that it is cheaper and more reliable than other existing medical yellow lasers on the market, as there are no expenses for gas or coloring. In addition, the system can also transmit IR laser light, which increases the range of treatments that can be made with the system.


We were in desperate need of a mechanical resource that could clean up and give our drawings a qualified remake as well as construct a new mechanical element for the device by creating a suspension of the actual laser,” says Kasper Vikkelsø Seidler, VP Product Engineering at Advalight.


DIS moved in with two consultants, who worked at the Advalight office for a month and solved the tasks given. Knowledge and advice on the chosen materials, skills within mechanical parts and DIS' extensive experience in structural calculations and SolidWorks were all competencies involved in updating the various drawings on the product during the project.


The cooperation with DIS has been a very positive experience. The fact that two consultants came into our office from the outside has been of great advantage to us. A fresh look at the product by people who are not stuck in habits has resulted in new creative solutions and views upon our product. Furthermore, it was enriching to have two consultants from such a large company, as they had an immense support base to draw on in terms of experience and knowledge,” concludes Kasper Vikkelsø Seidler.